A self-described “Old Soul,” Daniele Timo Secondi AKA Timo DS, is every bit a wanderer as you might expect from his music. Expressive vocals and sensitive lyrics paint a landscape filled with heartbreak, hope, and a striking timelessness. It’s Timo’s own struggle in the search for meaning that led him to channel that creativity into his work—eventually spawning a YouTube channel with originals and covers, including Cat Stevens’ “The Wind”, Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” and Gary Jules’ “Horses,” which received him recognition from Jules himself.

With an intense thirst for uncovering emotions, exploring the landscapes he is given, and never settling for anything less, it’s this intense curiosity that makes Timo’s music the peaceful, harmonious exploration that it is. “It’s like playing with soul dough,” Timo says. “You can look at your creation, change a few things, decide that it’s beautiful as it is or mash everything up and start all over again.”

That same inspiring ethos can be found in his most recent work, Raw Meditation, a 6-song EP recorded on board a cruise ship, filled with thoughts about the inner workings of life. Using the ship’s recording studio as his own private oasis by night, Timo found inspiration and solace inside the recording booth, capturing his ideas and turning them into soulful tracks.

“I was working on this cruise ship managing a recording studio. Late in the evenings, I would finish the last few mixes and lock myself inside to record my own music. The only thing I could see was the beautiful shiny theater from a little window inside the recording booth. There was something unique about that booth, about being far from dry land and everything that goes with it. Alone, totally immersed, and yet sailing to some new place I had never seen before.”

Immersive, contemplative, and captivating, Raw Meditation is an illuminating look at Timo’s capabilities. With his deep inquisitiveness for the world, and his knack for making melodies, his next release—slated for 2017—is bound to be just as powerful.