Father I
I have tried so many times
I’ve tried
to see the truth behind the lies

No one
came to take away the pain
No one
pulled me far from where I came

But no love
has ever made me feel the same

My eyes
open for a big reward
Your words
Things were spoken soft and warm

My world
like a castle built on rock

Right before
it crumbled down and all went wrong

and I knew
things that you should never know

As you say
Some of us should never grow

Once I knew
everything I needed and more
and my song
alone could make me feel so strong

Now I don’t know
I don’t know where I’m coming from
But it was so warm
underneath this bitter snow

When the nights
they would always end in time

and the days
they were simply passing by

and my name
it would always sound the same

and my games
never made me feel ashamed

But so it goes
Things do change and life goes on

One wheel
where you and I were once so near

My way
I’ll write my page and make it real

And I will pray
With each spoken word my heart will heal

But I need time
Don’t want to run and leave someone behind

In this game
where you hardly get to say goodbye

And we hide
fighting with our fears and pride

Where we die
waiting for a single smile

Everything is so still